visual DSP++ generated .ldr file bootup issue

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I am facing .ldr file bootup issue. 

I have ADSP21478 processor board and I am successfully able to flash .ldr file into the board. 

Issue is like that when i flash pre-compiled .ldr file into the board, board is able to run this file but when i compile my source code in visualDSP++ and generate a .ldr file and try to flash it into the board it does not run(boot up).  

I am suspecting perhaps this is due to project configuration of the visual DSP. Below is attached word file which has screen shots of the configuration I am using.  


Please suggest how i can come out of this road block.

I am using evaluation version of Visual DSP++ 5.1.2

Is this due to the fact that i have not configured any boot kernel file to generate .ldr file in visual DSP++ project settings.

Thanks in Advance for any valuable inputs for helping me out.

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Reply by spetcavichFebruary 7, 2019

is this an eval kit? Try SPI PROM in the Project:Load:General settings:


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Reply by BEBSynthesizersFebruary 7, 2019

What do you mean by "I am able to flash the .ldr file into the board" ?

You say just after that when you flash the pre-compiled .ldr, board is able to run it but your file does not run.

There are different inconstencies there :

- there is no pre-compiled .ldr files in VDSP. The .ldr files are source code which is recompiled each time you compile a whole project

- what do you call "generating a ldr"? Do you mean generating your binary?

- are you able to run your binary through the JTAG (but not able to make it bootable) ?

I think you are mixing in your text the loader itself and your own compiled application which includes the loader.

If you can run your compiled application via JTAG, but it does not run when stored in the Flash, it's most of the time because you did not choose the correct output file format in the project settings. Make sure that you have chosen "PROM binary" and not simply "executable". Make sure also that you selected the correct bootloader in your source code.

If you do not configure the project correctly, you will generate a binary file without the bootloader and/or with a bootloader for a different processor. The processor will then not recognize it and will not load it.