As easy as PI

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A little gem which shows that the only involvement of mathematics in politics, should be the counting of votes (and even that is not always straightforward).    :-)

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Reply by rbjApril 4, 2019

I dunno.  Sometimes mathematics is useful for economic analysis and projections that should influence politics.  It's politically useful to understand a runaway model of something either economically (like what happens to debt that you don't pay back or borrow to pay back) and environmentally (like what happens when we get to the "tipping point" with climate warming).

But discrete math is very useful in understanding social choice and optimal voting systems.  Things like Duverger's Law and Tactical Voting (to cause or avoid a spoiler in a multi-candidate race) and various methods of ballots, like Score Voting or Approval Voting or different forms of Ranked-Choice Voting.  I am very familiar with the mathematical issues regarding First-Past-The-Post, Instant Runoff RCV, and my favorite Condorcet RCV which elects the pairwise champion in a multi-candidate race.