I have over 40 years professional experience of analog and digital hardware and software in the following fields : a) RF communications b) Test software development for military systems. c) Signal measurement and analysis.

A Narrow Bandpass Filter in Octave or Matlab

Paul Lovell June 1, 20204 comments

The design of a very narrow bandpass FIR filter, coded in either Octave or Matlab, can prove challenging if a computationally-efficient  filter is required. This is especially true if the sampling rate is high relative to the filter's center frequency. The most obvious filter design methods, using either window-based or Remez ( Parks-McClellan ) functions, can easily result in filters with many thousands of taps. 

The filter to be described reduces the computational effort (and thus...

An Efficient Lowpass Filter in Octave

Paul Lovell November 6, 2019

This article describes an efficient linear-phase lowpass FIR filter, coded using the Octave programming language. The intention is to focus on the implementation in software, but references are provided for those who wish to undertake further study of interpolated FIR filters [1]- [3].

The input signal is processed as a vector of samples (eg from a .wav file), which are converted to a matrix format.   The complete filter is thus referred to as a Matrix IFIR or...

Re: A DSP Online Conference?

Reply posted 4 months ago (07/04/2020)
One topic I would particularly like to see covered is parallel processing in DSP.Related to techniques, algorithms, hardware, use of MPI (Message Passing Interface)...

DDSP combines DSP with a Neural Network

New thread started 6 months ago
Hi everyone,I recently stumbled across the Differentiable DSP (DDSP) library for Python/Tensorflow. This seems to combine DSP techniques with a neural network in...

Re: OT: Laughing in the Face of Adversity

Reply posted 7 months ago (04/07/2020)

As easy as PI

New thread started 2 years ago
A little gem which shows that the only involvement of mathematics in politics, should be the counting of votes (and even that is not always straightforward).   ...

Re: The Spectral Complexity of a Single Musical Note

Reply posted 2 years ago (02/19/2019)
Hi Rick,This is indeed an interesting spectral plot. However, a series of plots would be even more interesting. ie:a) Plots from microphones placed at different...

Re: Folded FIR filter in Matlab or Octave

Reply posted 2 years ago (01/15/2019)
Hi all, Thanks to all for your interesting replies. I should have said that yes, the impulse response is symmetric, and I'm interested in filter lengths from 8...

Folded FIR filter in Matlab or Octave

New thread started 2 years ago
Most of you, I'm sure, will be familiar with the "Folded FIR" technique for reducing the computational load of FIR filters.   For instance, in the example below,...

Re: PRISM - A new type of filter ?

Reply posted 2 years ago (11/25/2018)
Hi Rick and kaz,Good to get your input on the Prism. Much of the documentation seems rather unclear and contradictory e.g. In the "bikini pdf" it states:" Each new...

PRISM - A new type of filter ?

New thread started 2 years ago
Hi everyone,Recently I have been analyzing what is claimed to be a new type of filter, known as a Prism.However, despite studying this document and this one, I've...

Re: Hilbert-Huang Transform

Reply posted 2 years ago (11/07/2018)
Ok everyone,Here is the link to R code examples from the Hilbert-Huang Transform document.My thanks to the author Danny Bowman for this :Electronic supplement to...

Re: Hilbert-Huang Transform

Reply posted 2 years ago (11/07/2018)
Hi Tim & Gianni, I have requested a link to the code from the authors.The R code for Fig 2 (given in the document) seems to run ok, once line 5 is changed to...

Hilbert-Huang Transform

New thread started 2 years ago
Hi Guys,Over the past month, I have been investigating possible methods of signal decomposition as an alternative to the FFT.In particular, I'm looking at signals...

Re: Off Topic: Binary Numbers

Reply posted 2 years ago (11/05/2018)
Seems like Leibniz also invented a type of mechanical calculator.Not sure if there was a binary version . . .

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