Single Carrier Block Modulation

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Hi All, I need some clarification in implementing Single Carrier Block Modulation. Especially in the receiver section. Transmit structure is consisting of 1 Pilot frame and 9 Data frame (Total 10 Frame). 1 Frame = 8 Symbol (CP) + 64 Symbol. This 10 Frame will be repeated for some time and agian set of frame will be transmitted with Frequency & Timing Sync symbol. In the receiver section, I'm able to correct the frequency error and extract the frame start. After all down convertion, I'm having 8 sample per symbol. Before form a frame I should have only 1 sample per symbol. How can I choose the best sampling instant out of this 8 sample? I think that I should have a logic with that I should select 1 sample, drop the remaining 7 contiguous sample, select the next sample and drop the next 7 contiguous sample. Am I right? I shouldn't the change the instant because I should follow the same pattern like I used for the pilot frame. If I change the instant with the data frame, Channel estimation with the pilot frame will be invalid. Is there any specific approch is available for this? Thanks in advance for your insight for my problem Regards Loganathan
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Reply by SlartibartfastNovember 1, 2019

Do you have a pulse matching filter in the demodulator?   It should use all of the received samples and potentially downsample to one sample per symbol, based on a Timing Error Detector.   Find some texts that cover single carrier demodulation or search for related topics with "timing synchronization" or "timing error detector".