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Started by Ruhge Jeff-r54342 April 1, 2005
I just recreated what you are seeing.  The problem is too much memory is being reserved for the stack (0x200) and the heap (0x100).   This accounts for 3/4ths of the data memory.  To change this, double click the CPU bean (located under the Processor Expert tab in the .mcp project) and under the "Build options" tab, change the size of these values.  I recommend changing the heap to 0x20.  You will probably want to reduce the stack as well, but that will depend on your application.

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            I'm trying to get a quick PWM generator with the 56F800DEMO board. I've done some dev on this board with CW 4.1 but it's the first time I use it with CW7.0 and Processor Expert.


For this quick project I selected : Processor Expert Stationary > DSP56F801_60MHz. Then I added only PWMMC and PC_MASTER beans and selected internal pROM-xRAM for target.


When I execute the make command, I get a link error.


            Link Error : Segment overflow: .x_data

            Reserved size is 0x000003c0 - Overflow 0x00000014



 Since it's my first link error, I don't know where to look to solve this. Can some one give me a hint on this?





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Thanks to Hardeep and Jeff,

It's so simple when you know where to look. Now it work fine.

Thanks again.