Constant Overlap and Add weights

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I am doing some block based adaptive filtering and need to reconstruct the signal after filtering. I would like to parameterise the hop length(step size) between blocks so as to experiment with my filter. 

How do I create a window function for constant overlap and add for a window of length N and a hop size of M?

Thanks for any ideas

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I see from:



The Bartlett window is clearly COLA for a wide variety of hop sizes, such as $ M/2$ , $ M/3$ , and so on, provided $ M/k$ is an integer (otherwise the underlying continuous triangular window must be resampled).

But I don't understand how I resample when varying numbers of samples contribute to a single output sample, i.e. Frame length N = 13, hop length = 3. In this case most of the time 3 blocks contribute to the output sample and sometimes its 4. 

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Reply by andrewstanfordjasonJanuary 30, 2018

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