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Dr. Sami Ahmed Aldalahmeh is an assistant professor in the department of communication and computer engineering at Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan since 2013. He received his PhD degree from University of Leeds, UK, in 2013. He was awarded his MSc degree in Communications Signal Processing from King's College London, UK, in 2007 with distinction and top of his class. He earned his BSc degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Jordan, Jordan, in 2006. His research interests include distributed detection and estimation, wireless sensor networks, stochastic geometry models for wireless networks, delay and throughput in wireless sensor networks, and sensor signal processing.

Engineering the Statistics

Sami Aldalahmeh March 26, 20122 comments

Do you remember the probability course you took in undergrad? If you were like me, you would consider it one of those courses that you get out of confused. But maybe a time will come where you regret skipping class because of the lecturer's persisting attempts to scare you with mathematical involved nomenclature.As you might have guessed, I had this moment few months back where I had to go deep into statistical analysis. I learned things the hard way, or maybe it is the right way. I mean...

Why is Fourier transform broken

Sami Aldalahmeh October 4, 20112 comments

Every engineer who took a basic signal processing course is familiar with the Gibbs phenomenon, however, not all know why it occurs, I mean really why!

The answer lies in the mathematical background that is almost always skipped in signal processing courses. Moreover, from my experience at least, many textbooks present the theory, e.g. the Fourier transform, as infallible and no discussion of the limitation of the topic is given.

The short answer is that the metric space of continuous...

More free Ebooks

Sami Aldalahmeh September 13, 20112 comments

I found this website that contains loads of free, high quality, ebooks and journals as well. There is 176 ebooks under electrical engineering heading. I found books suitable for engineers, researcher, and hobbiest as well.

Here is the link for it:


To be more useful here are few MATLAB books:


ICASSP 2011 conference lectures online (for free)

Sami Aldalahmeh July 5, 2011

For the first time, the oral presentations of the International Conference on Accoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP) were recorded and posted online for free. This conference is the best in signal processing and it's diverse as well.

It has a bit speech processing, communication signal processing, and some interesting stuff like bio-inspired signal processing, where Prof. Sayed modeled the behaviour of a group of predetors attacking a herd of preys using distributed least mean...

FREE Peer-reviewed IEEE signal processing courses

Sami Aldalahmeh April 26, 20111 comment

The IEEE signal processing society is offereing FREE peer reviewed courses, though not many, they are peer reviewed and span differenet topics like; wavelets, speech analysis, and statistical detection.



DSP Algorithm Implementation: A Comprehensive Approach

Sami Aldalahmeh April 13, 20116 comments

As DSP engineers, ultimately we are required to design and implement specific DSP algorithms. The first step is to make a choice on which algorithm to use, e.g. for filtering should we use FIR or IIR. Then we can go a little bit deeper into the,  high level, implementation details, e.g. use the symmetry in FIR filter to reduce complexity. When the algorithm is clear, the first step is to test and simulate the algorithm in a high level language like MATLAB.

After we reach confidence in...

We are famous!!

Sami Aldalahmeh December 8, 20102 comments

Today one of my supervisor said to me that the IEEE Signal Processing eNewsletter mentioned me, well sort of:) It actually talked about Social media resources for DSP and pointed to this website's blog section. You check it out here http://tinyurl.com/36dga4n

State Space Representation and the State of Engineering Thinking

Sami Aldalahmeh November 23, 20102 comments

Most, if not all, textbooks in signal processing (SP) thoroughly covers the frequency analysis of signals and systems alike, including the Fourier and the Z-transform that produce the well known Transfer Function. Another way of signal analysis, not as popular in signal processing though, is State Space representation. State space models describes the internal signals of the system or the process and how it affect the output, in contrast to the frequency representation that only describe the...

Knowledge Mine for Embedded Systems

Sami Aldalahmeh June 25, 20101 comment

I stumbled upon a great website (actually I found it on the google ads in gmail!) with comprehensive and deep information on embedded systems. The website talks about four main categories in embedded systems:

1) Embedded Systems Design.

2) Design Life cycle.

3) Design Methods.

4) Design Tools.

What I found special about this website is that when browse through the systems design section, you usually find a...

Hidden Linear Algebra in DSP

Sami Aldalahmeh June 17, 20105 comments

Linear algebra (LA) is usually thought of as a blunt theoretical subject. However, LA is found hidden in many DSP algorithms used widely in practice.

An obvious clue in finding LA in DSP is the linearity assumption used in theoretical analysis of systems for modelling or design. A standard modelling example for this case would be linear time invariant (LTI) systems. LTI are usually used to model flat wireless communication channels. LTI systems are also used in the design of digital filter...

Re: Future of Signal Processing

Reply posted 1 month ago (06/16/2024)
Hello,I would argue that signal processing and DSP will become (if it is not already) an essential component in the AI/ML processing pipeline.  AI is data driven...

Re: DSP chip ??

Reply posted 4 years ago (07/02/2020)
Maybe it looks big in the pictures but it’s almost the same size as the RP. If you’re for a smaller size google the stm32 blue pill but make sure it has the...

Re: DSP chip ??

Reply posted 4 years ago (07/02/2020)

Re: DSP chip ??

Reply posted 4 years ago (07/02/2020)
It is interesting how things changed in the DSP industry. Nowadays most DSP features exists in MCUs as engines and software libraries. Have a look at the ARM-based...

Re: Noise Characterization

Reply posted 4 years ago (02/25/2020)
Well, your proposed data model might work better if you extend it to be a sum of the sinusoids. In any case, you have to estimate the parameters (w and the noise...

Re: Resolution vs Sampling Speed

Reply posted 6 years ago (10/08/2018)
To answer your first question, the resolution is generally related with the FFT bins number. Before that, the sampling rate should be at least twice the maximum...

Re: Hot DSP Topics 2018

Reply posted 6 years ago (09/20/2018)
Hello,This is a very good point to raise up nowadays, since signal processing has branched into so many fields of science and engineering.  Of course, DSP is about...

Re: Off Topic: Binary Numbers

Reply posted 6 years ago (08/27/2018)

Re: Side lobes reduction after FFT

Reply posted 6 years ago (01/19/2018)
Very informative paper.

Re: correlation for complex number

Reply posted 7 years ago (01/03/2018)
Hello,@jtrantow gave a very good explanation. I will try to summarize it according to my understanding. The correlation is a measure of similarity between signals...

Re: correlation for complex number

Reply posted 7 years ago (01/03/2018)
Very good explanation!

Re: FPGA curve fitting

Reply posted 7 years ago (09/06/2017)
Why not just use higher sampling rate? If you need to do curve fitting I suggest a DSP for this purpose since the level of mathematical computations required by...

Re: Predictive Analytics from Sensor Data

Reply posted 8 years ago (12/15/2016)
Hi,You can use linear prediction (google it:). I think it is the most basic. However, the prediction method depends on the underlying model of the data. As the...

Re: down conversion vs de-modulation

Reply posted 8 years ago (11/19/2016)
I believe that in the advent of fast ADCs, down and conversion became an easier and cheaper method to perform the frequency conversion, which is traditionally done...
Theoretically, the matched filter (MF) is used to mitigate the effect of noise. This is done by matching the impulse response of the filter to the transmitted waveform,...

Re: LabView and DSP

Reply posted 8 years ago (02/29/2016)
Thank you for good points raised. I strongly agree with your last point. A student version should be available to play around with. I believe, though, that there...

LabView and DSP

New thread started 8 years ago
Recently, I came across several LabView attempts to penetrate the DSP sector (commercial and educational). LabView is the de facto in data acquisition, however at...

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