Audio Beamforming

Started by naumankalia 6 years ago5 replieslatest reply 6 years ago393 views
Hi allI am working on #Beamforming of linear array of microphones and one of my tasks is to provide real time audio of user selected beams. Currently, i am working...

Beam resolution improvement of linear array using MVDR beamformer

Started by naumankalia 6 years ago12 replieslatest reply 6 years ago487 views
Hi One of the major advantages of using MVDR beam former is to improve bearing resolution as compared to conventional delay & sum beam forming. The bearing...

Simulation of shadow for beam former input

Started by naumankalia 6 years ago4 replieslatest reply 6 years ago114 views
Hello all I have started work on side scan sonar modeling and simulations. Currently i am just working on simple linear array beam forming. As a startup,...

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