Advice on digital phase locked loop with square wave input wanted

Started by johnpote 5 years ago7 replieslatest reply 5 years ago682 views
I have the interesting project of desigining and implementing a digital phase locked loop in a micro-controller. The input is a square wave for which the absolute...

Phase locked Loop Bandwidth for second order system

Started by chess 6 years ago11 replieslatest reply 6 years ago1379 views
Hi everyone I would like to know can anyone tell me how to determine the #PLL bandwidth ? I read that it can be set to 1/10 or 1/20 of reference frequency however...

Acquisition Range of PLL

Started by avi1987 6 years ago1 replylatest reply 6 years ago658 views
How do one define acquisition range of #PLL?  What is its dependence on loop bandwidth?How acquisition range differ for discrete PLL instead of normal PLL?

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