OFDM, suppressed carriers and useful data symbol rate

Started by simonzz 5 years ago2 replieslatest reply 5 years ago174 views
Hello,I am studiyng #OFDM modulation and I think it's not quiet clear to me how to correctly set up the \(T_\text{ofdm} \) value when we have suppressed carriers,...


Started by yashasri 5 years ago6 replieslatest reply 5 years ago337 views
i don't know what's wrong with this #ofdm code, it gets executed but i don't get any graph. % OFDM_basic.m clear all; clf; Target_neb=500; PowerdB=[0 -8 -17 -21...

What is the importance of adding header and tail in OFDM system?

Started by runinrainy 5 years ago4 replieslatest reply 5 years ago290 views
Hello,I am trying to understand the functionality of header and tail in #OFDM system. I know the question sounds like a general question but I have made some search...

Semi-blind OFDM channel estimation.

Started by SenSen 5 years ago11 replieslatest reply 5 years ago218 views
Hello. I am currently working on a semi-blind #OFDM channel estimation. After analyzing the recorded signal(sampling frequency is known), and deriving the following...

LTE Uplink transmit

Started by Sharan123 5 years ago4 replieslatest reply 5 years ago133 views
We know that in #LTE downlink transmit uses #OFDM but in case of uplink transmit, OFDM scheme is not used. Can someone explain the reason behind this?

PAPR (peak to average power ratio)

Started by Sharan123 5 years ago11 replieslatest reply 5 years ago2021 views
I would like to know the relevance of peak to average power ratio and what is the ideal (or preferred) value? #OFDM

ofdm in GNURADIO

Started by psylljt516 5 years ago2 replieslatest reply 5 years ago384 views
I am so confused to calculate the relationship between bandwidth and bit rate. I use #OFDM file benchmark_tx to transmit. I set the bandwidth = 10 MHz, FFT Length...


Started by LabPe43 6 years ago9 replieslatest reply 6 years ago540 views
I am new to FDATool (#matlab) and would like to use it to generate an impulse response with complex coefficients.I would like to low pass filter the signal after...

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