Overlap-add with window

Started by ctlee 2 years ago26 replieslatest reply 2 years ago474 views
Hi all,Suppose I have an input signal \( x[n] \) of length \( N \), an FIR filter \( h[n] \) of length \( M \), and a window function \( w[n] \) of length \( N...

How to efficiently control an FIR's magnitude response by altering its phase spectrum

Started by lasse 2 years ago21 replieslatest reply 2 years ago175 views
Note: I posted this question on Signal Processing Stack Exchange yesterday. Because the one answer I got so far was not-so-satisfying, although surely well-intentioned,...

ARM CMSIS FFT - does it produce correct results?

Started by mjbcswitzerland 4 years ago15 replieslatest reply 3 years ago4201 views
Hi AllDoes anyone have experience with the #ARM CMSIS #FFT? Specifically the floating point implementation arm_cfft_f32()?Although testing the code using the ARM...

Downsampling from an FFT

Started by tomb18 4 years ago13 replieslatest reply 4 years ago1401 views
I would like to down sample a signal from it's original sampling rate of 2,000,000 samples per second to 48,000 (or 44100) starting from the output of an #FFT.  This...

3D fft Matlab

Started by a17D 4 years ago7 replieslatest reply 4 years ago1422 views
Hello everyone. I need some advice regarding 3D #FFT on #Matlab. My signal is represented as a 3D matrix (Let's say 10x10x10) I wanted to find the fft and then...

Window-presum FFT problem

Started by n2ic 5 years ago14 replieslatest reply 5 years ago249 views
First of all, let me warn you, I'm a neophyte on this. Did my EE degree 40 years ago, before FFT's were rediscovered.I am trying to reduce frequency bin "leakage"...

fft combinations

Started by kaz 5 years ago16 replieslatest reply 5 years ago460 views
Hi all,I got an FPGA design running #FFT at 256 points. Our system requires fft be configured as either 256 or 512 points on the run. I can use variable fft that...

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