Sampling at a particular instant in GNU Radio

Started by telecom999 4 years ago4 replieslatest reply 4 years ago494 views
Hello all, I am new to #SDR having done mostly hardware design I have an external data stream incoming at 2kbps and being sampled by a GRC program at 48kSps via...

How to Convert IQ Signal to Real

Started by NoMoreAnalog 6 years ago4 replieslatest reply 6 years ago5594 views
I am using #Matlab DSP Toolbox to implement a Software Defined Radio (#SDR). If you are curious, it is for a Softrock RXTX ham radio transceiver that provides I...

Downsampling from 2.0 MHz to 192kHz

Started by tomb18 6 years ago20 replieslatest reply 6 years ago844 views
I would like to downsample a signal (#SDR) from 2MHz to 192kHz.  I understand the general principle when you go from let's say 1.92MHz to 192 KHz but what happens...

Window-presum FFT problem

Started by n2ic 6 years ago14 replieslatest reply 6 years ago274 views
First of all, let me warn you, I'm a neophyte on this. Did my EE degree 40 years ago, before FFT's were rediscovered.I am trying to reduce frequency bin "leakage"...

Zero IF vs Low IF receivers

Started by tomb18 6 years ago10 replieslatest reply 6 years ago9273 views
HI,I am having some conceptual difficulty understanding how one an process data from a low IF recever.  Currently I am using an #SDR which has a "zero IF" mode which...

Does decimation of a signal result in a shift in the baseline noise?

Started by tomb18 6 years ago11 replieslatest reply 6 years ago773 views
Hi, I am collecting samples at a rate of 2,000,000 per second from a software defined radio (#SDR).  I am plotting the output of a 16384 point FFT and observing...

Newbie with questions about decimation for SDR

Started by tomb18 6 years ago27 replieslatest reply 6 years ago1759 views
Hi,I currently have software that will plot a spectrum from I and Q data obtained from a software defined radio.  The slowest sampling rate is 2msps.  This is...

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