Understanding cascaded integrators

Started by ChuckMcM 4 weeks ago2 replieslatest reply 3 weeks ago97 views
Hi All,I am working my way though the design and implementation of a #CIC filter to process the output of a PDM waveform (coming from a MEMS microphone). I know...

CIC Filter

Started by dkgupta 3 years ago13 replieslatest reply 1 year ago1573 views
Hi all,I need some help to design a CIC Filter. The #CIC Filter I am trying to design has following properties:Decimation factor R= 10Differential Delay M= 2Stages...

CIC Filter "zero-crossing" Distortion

Started by JingC 2 years ago7 replieslatest reply 2 years ago132 views
#CIC@Rick LyonsI am trying to design a decimation filter with decimation rate at 100 and bandwidth around 1Hz to 100Hz. Of course the exact bandwidth will be finalized...

Can we paralleize the integrator stage of CIC?

Started by flutekick 3 years ago13 replieslatest reply 3 years ago284 views
Hi,Since, the integrator stage of #CIC operates at higher frequency compared to differentiator, it becomes critical for timing in a high-speed design. Is there a...

Polyphase CIC structure

Started by flutekick 3 years ago5 replieslatest reply 3 years ago260 views
Hi,Any pointers to implementation of polyphase #CIC decimation filter implementation?Thanks,Krishna

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