Whatever happened to "Wavelets"?

Started by poorimpulsecontrol 4 months ago9 replieslatest reply 4 months ago238 views
In the late 90s I learned about wavelets as the "big new thing" that would replace the Fourier transform. I could be mistaken, but I don't think that has come to...

Analyzing Gain Calibration Control loop

Started by kaung 4 months ago111 views
Hi All,I'm a DSP newbie trying to get myself more familiar with convergence algorithms and DSP in general. I've come across an article on gain calibration for time-interleaved...

doubt regarding the sentence in sliding dft

Started by abhishek11 5 months ago5 replieslatest reply 4 months ago92 views
 I am not able to understand  the line mentioned just above figure 4 in the article by E. Jacobsen and R.lyons, "The Sliding DFT"How to interpret this line:"When...

Optimal Cascaded FIR Decimator design

Started by andrewstanfordjason 4 months ago5 replieslatest reply 4 months ago144 views
I would like to design an FIR filter to decimate a high rate 1 bit signal to a low rate high bit signal. Due to implementation constraints I have fixed filter length...

Compute inverse FIR

Started by jfresnoz 5 months ago6 replieslatest reply 4 months ago147 views
Dear DSP experts,I have a measured FRF by impact testing and I have computed the IRF by ifft(). Now I want to compute the inverse IRF. I have read many posts in...

Delay measurement using single tone

Started by kaz 5 months ago7 replieslatest reply 4 months ago145 views
In Narrow Band IoT (used with 4G...) a device is scheduled once it is detected and its Time of arrival determined. The device sends single tone (in fact several...

Fractionally Spaced Equalizer

Started by Mannai_Murali 5 months ago11 replieslatest reply 5 months ago132 views
Can we get away with Sampling clock offset tracking and Symbol timing in a single carrier system if we use fractionally spaced equalizer for bursty transmission...

Possible to get audio signatures?

Started by JohnnyD10 5 months ago3 replieslatest reply 5 months ago116 views
I am an electrical engineer, but not very fluent in DSPs. I have a unique application that I'm hoping someone might have a solution for.  I have a noise problem. ...

changing FFT resolution of known sweep signal leads to unexplained spectrum

Started by kaz 5 months ago10 replieslatest reply 5 months ago154 views
Hi All,Below is fft of a sweep signal "x"  which is 1.08MHz wide at edge of otherwise empty LTE 10MHz bandwidth. The sweep range is -4.5MHz ~ -3.42, with 839...

Phase brake in tonal signal and frequency estimation

Started by attskij 5 months ago13 replieslatest reply 5 months ago121 views
Hello! I noticed that breaking phase in tonal signal causes frequnecy component "motion" in spectrum. Could you explain this effect and also interesting how to...

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