USB to I2S adapter for audio transceiver

Started by ilans 2 months ago5 replieslatest reply 2 months ago81 views
Hello, all!I need an adapter / bridge to connect a MEMS tranceiver to my PC, to stream audio data for DSP purposes.The tranceiver can either send or receive PDM...

Why is Logical root sequence number in Root Zadoff-Chu needed?

Started by guyholtzman 2 months ago7 replieslatest reply 2 months ago90 views
Hi,I have been investigating RACH preamble planning and the properties of Root Zadoff-Chu sequences as used in 3GPP #LTE .From Wikipedia, Zadoff-Chu sequences have...

Started by M_313 2 months ago6 replieslatest reply 2 months ago85 views

Help on Noise Correlation Matrix

Started by M_313 2 months ago10 replieslatest reply 2 months ago100 views
I was trying to create a Noise Cross Correlation Matrix in Matlab by using the following code:N = 100; % Number of Samplesr1 = rand(1,N) + 1i*rand(1,N);r2 = rand(1,N)...
Hello Everyone, Figured I would see if anyone is experienced with this stuff prior to spending two hours crafting a message with screenshots / diagrams / uploading...

Octave Frequency response of a filter - fft vs. freqz

Started by chab 2 months ago10 replieslatest reply 2 months ago96 views
HelloI am trying to calculate the frequency response of the filter using freqz and the fft of the impulse response (I am using octave) The problem is that the 2...

Low cost SigmaDSPs

Started by mchavez 2 months ago4 replieslatest reply 2 months ago123 views
Hi all:I worked at ADI for 17 years on low costs SigmaDSP. I know there has been a lot of confusion on programming tools and or SigmaStudio customization including...

Matlab-implementation of dynamic range compressor

Started by Luk_11 2 months ago9 replieslatest reply 2 months ago128 views
hey guys, I am trying to implement a dynamic range compressor in Matlab according to the following block diagram:The problem is, I don't understand the block diagram. However,...

PSD estimation when I have oversampled data

Started by dsavio 2 months ago4 replieslatest reply 2 months ago88 views
Suppose I have samples of a signal(s) + noise process which is sampled 4x what is necessary for my desired spectral resolution. My desire is to pick the signals...

Multirate: interpolation valuable when you can decimate only?

Started by jerryjameso 2 months ago7 replieslatest reply 2 months ago65 views
Hi all,I would like some opinions on resampling architectures.I have a current FPGA system that (greatly - 100x - overclocked) has a 65/64 followed by 5/18 but there...

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