As easy as PI

Started by woodpecker 2 months ago1 replylatest reply 1 month ago149 views
A little gem which shows that the only involvement of mathematics in politics, should be the counting of votes (and even that is not always straightforward).   ...

DSP Dev Kits for learning

Started by Crandles 2 months ago5 replieslatest reply 2 months ago180 views
Hi,Does anyone know where I can get a board that would be compatible with this book? All the options listed in the back seem to be sold out. I'm only looking for...

Going LIVE Soon!

Started by stephaneb 2 months ago5 replieslatest reply 2 months ago163 views
You may already know that I will be going live at 1pm EDT today (03/29). Chances are you've already lowered your expectations. Let's use this thread for communicating...

Digital Modulator Artefacts

Started by ees3dc 2 months ago36 replieslatest reply 2 months ago113 views
Attached is an RF-DAC output of a modulated IQ signal.Signal is generated with an FPGA with a simple "F/4" I-Q modulator. The RF-DAC sample frequency is 4700 MHz....

introduction to error correcting codes book (including FEC)

Started by krishk24 2 months ago6 replieslatest reply 2 months ago126 views
Hello FolksI am looking for an intuitive read regarding error correcting codes such as "understanding digital signal processing" by Lyons for DSP.I am not a mathematician...

Estimating SNR in the Frequency Domain

Started by ahmedshahein 2 months ago21 replieslatest reply 2 months ago168 views
Dear All,I am trying to estimate the SNR from the signal spectrum. I have implemented the algorithm presented in "Under standing digital signal processing" by R....

Fixed point filter gain

Started by dsplearn 2 months ago16 replieslatest reply 2 months ago59 views
How do I calculate the gain of fixed point decimation/interpolation filters for both FIR and CIC ?

Auto Correlation in DSP processor

Started by mathedomm 2 months ago5 replieslatest reply 2 months ago139 views
HI,I am performing frame by frame auto correlation of a 1D signal in labview. My frame size is 250K samples where each sample size is 16 bits. Labview takes about...

What is the frequency response of a resampling filter?

Started by weetabixharry 2 months ago12 replieslatest reply 2 months ago79 views
I am trying to characterise the combined frequency response of several (FIR) decimating filters connected together in series. I basically want to be able to tweak...

Slow fading channel & SNR

Started by Walidmq 2 months ago6 replieslatest reply 2 months ago110 views
Can anyone help with this question please?Slow-fading will mean that the signal will vary by more than 30dB on a timescale of a few seconds. How will you know what...

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