Filter approach for helicopter application

Started by coinmls 2 months ago11 replieslatest reply 2 months ago127 views
First off let me apologize up front for the lack of details and specifics. I do understand that it will limit the ability of anyone to respond but I feel I just...

Can lossless audio be transfered via bluetooth?

Started by AnVo 2 months ago4 replieslatest reply 2 months ago112 views
Hi everyone,I have a question that is that possible to wirelessly transfer lossless audio via Bluetooth?Please help me explain technical reasons behind it such...

Kalman Filter for Speech Denoising

Started by jylee8 2 months ago2 replieslatest reply 2 months ago131 views
Hi, I have been trying to denoise a speech signal using Kalman Filter. I have use the following code for my calculation. May I know if I am in the right direction?...

Combining two wave generation formulas not working as expected (MATLAB/OCTAVE)

Started by jtp_1960 2 months ago4 replieslatest reply 2 months ago94 views
I'm trying to convert Mathematica sawtooth wave calculation formula to Octave/Matlab language. Here are the original formulas. My Desmos take is here.  I've got...

Covariance Matrix diagonal or not?

Started by matlab2015 2 months ago20 replieslatest reply 2 months ago108 views
The literature says that when three signals are uncorrelated i.e., they have different frequencies, then their COVARIANCE MATRIX Rxx is diagoanl. I wanted to implement...

Direct Form II

Started by jane_m 2 months ago4 replieslatest reply 2 months ago104 views
Hello!From here, they had derived the difference equation of a second-order DF-II structure. How did they derive these equations from the given structure?Did they...

Understanding the concept of Polyphase Filters

Started by Luk_11 2 years ago10 replieslatest reply 2 months ago2867 views
Hey guys, I am trying to understand the concept of polyphase filters. I'm starting with the concept, not with the exact means of implementation or the mathematics...

How to compute a phase? [phase estimation]

Started by Aida92 4 months ago11 replieslatest reply 2 months ago153 views
i am working on a signal under low SNR and have to correct a phase.Aktuell I am looking for a n algorithm how to estimate a phase. In implemented algorithm I am...

phase error correction

Started by Ali23 4 months ago4 replieslatest reply 2 months ago124 views
Dear All,Thank you for your participation in my discussion in advanceI am working on the phase correction step in a receiver. The following algorithm has been already...

Joint Research in Base Band Signal Processing

Started by Mannai_Murali 3 months ago3 replieslatest reply 2 months ago128 views
With in a month I will start doing research on Signal Processing related to Receiver Design (Mainly related to one or more of Synchronization (Frequenbcy Offset/Sampling...

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