Interfacing between TMS320C6713 and ADS8345 by using McASP

Started by ShaikSajida 3 months ago1 replylatest reply 3 months ago45 views
Hi, I am using a TI DSP C6713B. I want to connect the McASP1 to ADC ADS8345. My aim is to get serial (or in TDM format) data from 8-ch microphones that...

Seeking SystemC DSP Library!

Started by ahmedshahein 3 months ago88 views
Hi All,Can anyone recommend a C++ library that I can rely on for DSP development using SystemC? I have used IT++ package for a while but I see the latest update...

concept of bandwidth

Started by Sharan123 3 months ago25 replieslatest reply 3 months ago160 views
I am trying to understand the concept of bandwidth from a point of view of bandwidth occupied by a signal.Let me take an example to state my question.Let us assume...

Setting up codec on ADSP 21489

Started by Joel_H 3 months ago4 replieslatest reply 3 months ago66 views
Hi all, I'm trying to program the Sharc ADSP 21489 EZ kit to send out an array of values through one of the RCA connectors and to sample another signal on another....

A question regarding MATLAB's 'invfreqz()' command

Started by Rick Lyons 3 months ago6 replieslatest reply 3 months ago99 views
Hi. When I execute the following MATLAB code:   b = [1 0 0 0 -1]  a = [1, -1]  [h, w] = freqz(b, a, 64);  b_Order = length(b) -1; a_Order = length(a) -1;  ...

FFT of a sine wave signal

Started by Sharan123 3 months ago4 replieslatest reply 3 months ago190 views
I am computing FFT of a sine wave signal. Since this is a signal with a single frequency, I was expecting FFT to give one spike indicating the presence of a single...

Understanding cascaded integrators

Started by ChuckMcM 3 months ago2 replieslatest reply 3 months ago108 views
Hi All,I am working my way though the design and implementation of a #CIC filter to process the output of a PDM waveform (coming from a MEMS microphone). I know...

FIR Convolution Compile Error

Started by MJL 3 months ago5 replieslatest reply 3 months ago127 views
I want to convolve a long FIR with incoming analogue input data on a STM32F769i_Discovery board.  I am getting errors : 'Wiring Error at top-level system'; 'System...

Delta Sigma Modulator Decimation output

Started by amith24791 3 months ago3 replieslatest reply 3 months ago98 views
Hello Everyone,I am new DSP so this might be a basic question. I have a Delta Sigma Modulator model in simulink operating at fs=10MHz. I have designed a Recursive...

OFDM questions

Started by Sharan123 3 months ago4 replieslatest reply 3 months ago102 views
I have a few general questions pertaining to OFDM ...Let us assume an 1048 point IFFT and number of number of sub-carriers as 600.1)  in this case, does it matter...

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