AD9601 with 200MSPS connected to DSP

Started by Yash5 5 months ago15 replieslatest reply 5 months ago108 views
Hi all,I am working with high speed ADC (200/250MSPS) to sample the signals and connect it to stm32f429 microcontroller.How is it possible to handle such high speed...

Band Edge Detector dervied from Maximum Liklihood Principle?

Started by DSPbro 8 months ago12 replieslatest reply 5 months ago66 views
Hi,I saw a couple papers by Fred Harris on band edge detectors for carrier frequency correction, in all of them it is said the band-edge detector can be derived...

Somewhat Off Topic: Manipulating a PDF File.

Started by Rick Lyons 5 months ago8 replieslatest reply 5 months ago110 views
Hi. I have a 30-megabyte PDF file containing a dozen, or so, signal processing papers. And I'd like to extract just the first paper in that large file and make the...

Timing Recovery Loop Filter Rate

Started by dres 5 months ago11 replieslatest reply 5 months ago114 views
Many symbol timing control loop structures consist of TED -> loop filter - >NCO -> Interpolation. The TED is updated once per symbol, but the NCO is driven...

Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) Filter Bank question

Started by Neurospike 5 months ago3 replieslatest reply 5 months ago91 views
I have some stumbling block in my thesis writing.Do we use the same filter pair while implementing DWT filter bank with downsampling of the filter output, or filters...

Aliasing in Radix-2 FFT - Decimation in time

Started by abdfahim 5 months ago7 replieslatest reply 5 months ago90 views
Hi,We know for Radix-2 FFT, an N-point DFT is broken down to multiple 2-point DFTs. In doing so, one of the methods is to decimate in time, i.e., subsequent downsampling...

half and quarter sample meaning

Started by Sharan123 6 months ago8 replieslatest reply 5 months ago130 views
Hi everyone, I am new to the world of image and video processing and have been going through some documents to understand some basics. At multiple places, I see...

The Spectral Complexity of a Single Musical Note

Started by Rick Lyons 8 months ago11 replieslatest reply 5 months ago119 views
On page 25 of the most recent January issue of the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine the following interesting spectral plot was presented. That plot is the spectral...

Choosing the DFT size to match linear convolution in overlap save method?

Started by szak1592 6 months ago11 replieslatest reply 5 months ago103 views
I am studying DFT from S.K.Mitra's book and I am now trying to write MATLAB code for the overlap save method (a.k.a overlap discard). It works just the way it should...

What's your favorite modern DSP chip?

Started by xjordanx 6 months ago9 replieslatest reply 5 months ago157 views
Hi everyone, I want to get my teeth back into a new Audio related project. I'll be designing from the ground up and was considering using an ARM Cortex-M7 based...

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